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The most remote hotels in the world

Located in remote and secluded lands, the accommodations below feature luxurious rooms, private pools and breathtaking views. Today, the secluded places of stay in the world become attractive resorts
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5 most interesting tourist destinations in Texas

Texas is a famous destination in American tours thanks to the diversity of natural landscapes as well as attractive culture. Visitors will surely have a lot of new experiences
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10 most beautiful cities in Europe for travelers (part 2)

Vienna, Austria It is the capital and also the largest city of the Republic of Austria. Vienna is the cultural, economic and political center of the country and has
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10 most beautiful cities in Europe for travelers (part 1)

Besides famous cities like Rome, Florence and Vienna that are very popular with travelers, Europe has many interesting destinations. Whether it is a small or a big city, it
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Japanese tourism industry is in a slump because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic cancellation (part 1)

The postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games dealt a fatal blow to the tourism industry in general and Japanese hotels in particular, which were reeling from the impact of
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Singapore gradually opens the border to essential tourism

Singapore is currently seeking to pilot green lane agreements with a number of countries that are considered to be contagious in the community equivalent or lower than Singapore. The
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Learn about 8 of America’s oldest cities, you will hear fascinating stories about the historic events that formed this prosperous nation. With the flow of time, ancient villages, sparse

Ways to prevent Corona virus from traveling

Are you planning to travel  but are afraid when the Corona virus outbreaks in many places around the world ? Through this article will share 6 ways to prevent
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The most beautiful coastal roads in the world

With the ingenious combination of people and nature, nature, the coastal roads always attract visitors to check-in and experience the travel journey. Hump ​​Ridge Road is also called New
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5 romantic dating spots in Korea in 2020

Seoul (South Korea) is a city surrounded by ideal places for romantic dating, to warm up the love between couples from around the world. Seoul Forest This upscale city