Secrets of the travels of American presidents (part 2)

Former President Obama also held a press conference on Iraqi issues. And he denied the accusation that he cut off contact with the world while he was resting at the Martha Vineyard.

Which president goes on vacation the most?

During his late years in office, President John Adams was criticized for taking two long vacations in Quincy, Massachusetts for eight months. The late President Ronald Reagan took 335 days off on his favorite California ranch, while John F. Kennedy spent almost every weekend on a family farm. Even during the Civil War, the late President Abraham Lincoln spent 25% of his time, including the half of 1862, on vacation.

There are no exact numbers to indicate which president rested the most. However, the Washington Post also points out that today no one takes less leave than Jimmy Carter with a record 79 days.

Who pays for President’s vacations?

The tours are paid for by the President himself. That is why many people prefer to stay in hotels, family farms or follow invitations from wealthy friends. Besides, they also stay at Camp David, a military mountain camp in Frederick County, Maryland. The camp was used as a country resort by American presidents and guests.

However, the taxpayers’ money will be used to service the president’s vehicles, such as Air Force One and the assistance aircraft, to carry necessary equipment, machinery or vehicles. Congressional research services estimate that Air Force One’s operating costs are $ 180,000 an hour. Each presidential vacation will spend more than a million dollars in taxes.

Is the president on vacation anywhere?

The controversy over the US head’s vacations is believed to have originated in former President Gerald R. Ford. The 38th US President was criticized for vacationing at the Vail luxury ski resort in Colorado, when the United States was in recession.

However, the president’s holiday in exclusive, high-class zones is consistent with the requirements of secrecy and safety. The Martha Vineyard, which many presidents have chosen to vacation to, is on an island where each person can be easily tracked in and out.

Aside from security, presidents choose exclusive resorts in part because they have few middle-class Americans. This means that the leaders’ mighty entourage does not affect the civilians.