When people think of travelling with children, the first thing that comes to mind is dragging a weary child who is too bored to enjoy the trip. When you travel with children it does not have to be tedious as long as you plan a lot of fun activities to keep them busy throughout the trip. Some of the activities in which you can involve the children include the following.

Visit Museums

South Africa has several thematic museums that can appeal to your children, and make them learn in the process. If you are in Johannesburg, you can visit the James Hall Museum of Transport where transport and different types of automobiles are showcased. If your children love cars, then they will get lost in the beauty of this place. Other museums you can check out include a Museum of Africa, The Standard Bank Art Gallery, and The Lindfield Victorian House Museum.

Go to Water Parks

Most children tend to get excited at the sight of water. Sun City Water Park in South Africa provides the best experience for people who love water. Children can swim, have boat rides, splash and enjoy being around water.

Take a Hike

If the children are old enough to go for a light hike and enjoy nature, then you should plan for a hike or mini hike in whichever town you are in. The list of places you can visit is endless. The Maze of the Lost City in Sun City and Melville Koppies in Johannesburg are some of the popular areas.

Visit the Park

You can create perfect memories for the children by taking them to parks to see wildlife. Hluhluwe Game Reserve and Kruger National Park are some of the places that provide beautiful scenery and animals your children will enjoy.

Watch a Movie

Check out with your hotel or local guide on neighbouring cinemas that are offering child-friendly movies that all of you can enjoy.