In the early days like this, the country of Korea was dreaming like a white love song.

Every year, the full moon of April 3, every year, in addition to cherry blossoms, people in the land of kimchi look forward to another flower: magnolia.

According to Kweather’s forecast, this year cherry blossoms in Seoul’s capital will bloom in mid-April, about 2 weeks later than in previous years. Many people who book early flights to Seoul must be sorry to miss the appointment with the cherry blush. But don’t be in a hurry, instead, you can go to southern provinces such as Daegu, Jeonju for excursions, or right in Seoul, magnolia flowers are blooming, too, beautiful and poetic.

Con đường hoa mộc lan ở gần trường đại học Sogang, quận Mapo.

In Korea, magnolia is often grown in many schools or parks. The most famous is the magnolia flower street, like a comic book behind Sogang University, Mapo District. Or you can visit art schools, where magnolia flowers are preferred to grow more than other plants. For example, Yonsei school, Kyunghee, the existing magnolia branches sprouted white flowers on the ancient walls, alternating between them are the affluent cherry branches sprouting.

In this country, there are many wood cafes built right under the magnolia root. The weather in April, Korea is still cold, enjoying a warm coffee, watching the petals fall is the ground momentum, it is a poetic and intoxicating experience.

Trường nghệ thuật Yonsei, Kyunghee được nhuộm trắng trong sắc mộc lan tháng 4.

Leaving the capital, you can visit the Daereungwon royal tomb in Gyeongju. This area has largely been transformed into a park, on a large ground where many cherry and magnolia trees are planted alternately, forming a destination for visitors to be able to enjoy spring travel and to learn more about history.

Quán cà phê gỗ ẩn mình dưới tán hoa mộc lan.

What is special in this place, after excavation, each grave will be covered with a small hill and planted with green grass to cover the surface. Pictures of magnolia flowers in the middle of the hilly hills, in the late snowy winter days, or the early spring sunshine days are considered the ideal photography background. The entrance fee at this tomb site is 2,000 Won for an adult.