The most remote hotels in the world

Located in remote and secluded lands, the accommodations below feature luxurious rooms, private pools and breathtaking views.
Today, the secluded places of stay in the world become attractive resorts for tourists. You can find luxury campgrounds in Antarctica, lodges nestled in the wilderness of South Africa or some lavish hotels in the pristine jungle.

Fogo Hostel (Canada)
Located on the edge of a small island in Canada, the guest house Fogo consists of 29 rooms. Each room has impressive landscape views with rugged rocky mountains and vast ocean. This secluded location is ideal for those wanting to get a feel of the wilderness.

Although located in a remote location, Fogo still offers luxurious rooms, a fine dining restaurant and many modern amenities. This place is owned by Shorefast charity.

Mashpi Hotel (Ecuador)
Mashpi Hotel is nestled among a private nature reserve of nearly 12 square kilometers. Here, you will be immersed in the lush green scenery, enjoy the sound of nature, especially the variety of calls from birds. More than a quarter of all bird species in Ecuador live in the reserve.

There is an observation tower for guests who want to see the forest. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also enjoy hiking and zipline rides.

Pater Noster (Sweden)
Located on a rocky island in the midst of the ocean, the Pater Noster Hotel used to be home to lighthouse keepers and their families. To get here, you can only travel by boat or helicopter.

Although located in a remote and secluded place, the hotel is still built with 9 luxurious and modern bedrooms. The resort also has an on-site restaurant serving a number of local dishes.

Camp Noka (South Africa)
Nestled in the heart of Lapalala wildlife reserve, Lepogo Lodges’ Noka camp consists of 5 luxury villas. Each unit has a private swimming pool, sunken bathtub and breathtaking views over the glass doors. This place is like the dream destination of tourists.