Things to keep in mind when taking a hot spring bath in Japan

Bathing in hot springs is one of the interesting experiences in the winter if you go to Japan. The land of cherry blossoms is considered the paradise of hot springs with some quite special rules that visitors should note.

Don’t wear clothes

The basic rule of hot springs (onsen) and public baths (seto) is to not wear clothes. When entering the hot spring, you will remove your shoes and leave them at the gate. After that, you will take off all the clothes and only bring a towel to cover your body when moving into the bathroom and to dry yourself. However, when taking a hot spring bath, you will have to be naked.

Bạn có thể để khăn lên đầu hoặc để ở ngoài hồ tắm khi tắm suối nước nóng

Check carefully the tattoo

Many public baths and hot springs in Japan do not accept tattoos. Usually, bathrooms will have an outside sign announcing this.

If the tattoo is small, just cover it with a piece of individual duct tape. If the tattoo is large, you can find bathhouses that accept guests with tattoos.

Do not shower if you have been drinking alcohol

Taking a hot bath when you are drunk will make you dehydrated and increase your body temperature. Ideally, you should not drink alcohol before and after a hot bath. In the bathrooms, drinking alcohol is strictly regulated.

Clean the body before bathing

Entering a hot spring bath without body cleansing is a taboo. After taking off your clothes, you go to the shower and shower, clean your body thoroughly. Only after a clean shower can you enter the hot tub.

Do not let your hair touch the water

For girls with long hair, tie the hair in hot water. Remember not to dive into hot water. Basically, the parts from your neck or lower are allowed to immerse yourself in hot water.

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Do not take a bath again after showering

If you have already showered, it is best to wipe off the sweat and do not shower again, because hot spring water contains a lot of minerals that are good for the skin. So just wipe off the sweat on your body before you go to the changing room.

To enjoy the hot spring bath experience, Beppu in Oita Prefecture will be the right place for your journey. Beppu city is considered a hot spring paradise with 3000 vents and many famous hot springs. Among them are 8 hells of Beppu which are 8 famous hot springs of the city.