Colorful destinations to discover in the USA

French Quarter, New Orleans

The French Quarter, with its vibrant atmosphere and unique blend of architectural styles, has easily become the most popular and popular area in New Orleans. It is also the oldest neighborhood in the city, and its elegant streets are a fascinating combination of vibrant bars, especially along the legendary Bourbon Street as historic sites, houses famous goods and jazz clubs.

Walking along the streets, visitors will have the opportunity to see colorful houses, window frames decorated with flowers and eye-catching trees.

Sunflower field in Dakota

The South and North Dakota regions are the largest sunflowers growing in America. Summer is the peak season for sunflowers, so the fields of sunflowers stretch and dye the Dakota region.

Autumn colors in the Blue Ridge mountains

The Northeastern United States, Vermont and New Hampshire are more likely to be on the list of places with great views in the fall.

However, that’s not the case, but the Northeast doesn’t have a nice place to see the golden leaves. Visitors go to the Blue Ridge Mountains – where it is said to have a picturesque Autumn.

This is one of the most spectacular roads in the United States, more than 750 km long, running through Virginia and North Carolina. From the end of September to the end of October, those passing by the Blue Ridge have the opportunity to see a carpet of red and yellow leaves filling the two sides of the road.

Bluebonnet flowers in Texas Hill Country

Bluebonnet is a flower representing the state of Texas. If you happen to be in the golden Texas Hill Country around March and April each year, you will understand why they chose the bluebonnet as their iconic flower. Bluebonnet flower fields are most beautiful in spring with characteristic blue and white colors.