The most beautiful coastal roads in the world

With the ingenious combination of people and nature, nature, the coastal roads always attract visitors to check-in and experience the travel journey.

Hump ​​Ridge Road is also called New Zealand’s “11th Avenue”. Coming here, you will experience the 61 km long journey through Fiordland National Park (South Island of New Zealand). Along the way is a jungle, coastal and mountain landscape, with panoramic views of the southern ocean and Stewart Island. To conquer Hump Ridge, you may have to stay overnight on the go.

A series of trails through the Pacific coast of the Tohoku region, Japan, is considered a spectacular coastal road in Asia. James Clark, a journalist at Lonely Planet, confirmed that this was the “best walk” he had ever made. This 1,000 km long road takes about 44 days to conquer, along the way there will be an accommodation to help you rest.

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The Grand Sentier de la Côte Bleue (France) is a road connecting the ports of Marseille and Martigues in the south of France. The trail embraces the captivating coastline of the Provence-Côte d summer Azur, winding around the fishing villages and resorts here. This 62 km long walking path is made up of 17 other longstanding roads.

Pismo Preserve is a walking and cycling trail on California’s Central Coast. The road stretches 17.7 km on hills and Pismo beach, running through beech forests and canyons, with a view overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is considered one of the most impressive crossroads in the world, with beautiful natural scenery.

The section from Los Angeles to San Francisco about 650 km long is considered the highlight of the Pacific Coast Highway (USA). On the way, you will admire the coastal towns and many poetic forests on either side. This road also challenges the drivers with many sections running along the spectacular cliffs by the sea.

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The path to the town of Maui in Hawaii will help visitors admire what is most typical of Hawaii. Maui Hana Highway is like a snake along the northeastern coast of Hawaii because of the rugged bends, spiral sections between the pristine forest.

The Great Ocean (Australia) is a coastal road with a length of 243 km, with spectacular natural scenery along the Australian coast. You can even see kangaroos when traveling on this route.

Amalfi coastal road (Italy) attracts tourists by colorful villages, majestic mountains and clear blue sea. It is also set as a backdrop for many popular movies.