10 most beautiful cities in Europe for travelers (part 1)

Besides famous cities like Rome, Florence and Vienna that are very popular with travelers, Europe has many interesting destinations. Whether it is a small or a big city, it has its own charm and characteristics.

  1. Florence, Italy

This 2,000-year-old city of pasta country is not only famous for having so many ancient architectural masterpieces but it is also known as the culinary city outside of the world. Coming to Florence, visitors can admire the beauty of the art works of a period of brilliant development of European culture.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital is awarded many beautiful titles such as Paris in the East, the Heart of Europe or the Queen of the Danube for its magnificent beauty. This wonderful city is divided into two parts by the beautiful Danube river.

Buda city on the left bank of the Danube is built on a hill with many beautiful castles. On the right is Pest, a city built on a plain with medieval buildings.

  1. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is known as the small paradise of Austria because it is only one of the smallest cities of the country but attracts millions of visitors every year. Salzburg has both its own characteristic of an ancient European city, and its own special and romantic features of its rich natural scenery.

  1. San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is a city stretching along the beautiful coast in Spain, where there is sunshine all year round, cool climate with beautiful and poetic natural scenery.

According to the experience of the visitors who have the opportunity to set foot in this beautiful land, it may take you a week to fully explore the whole landscape here. If you do not have much time to go, you should enlist in the harmonious living space of the mountains, the sea and the beautiful old towns here. However, what attracts them most of this city food and drink. Referring to San Sebastian, they only think of eating, eating and eating.