Ways to prevent Corona virus from traveling

Are you planning to travel  but are afraid when the Corona virus outbreaks in many places around the world ? Through this article will share 6 ways to prevent Corona virus.

1. Keep away from people at risk of Corona virus

The best way to prevent the Corona virus is to limit yourself to public places such as supermarkets, hospitals, schools, markets and especially in elevators or movie theaters. And if you go to places like that, according to Dr. Amler recommends, keep social distance with everyone within a radius of 1 meter. If you see a person who is coughing, coughing, or sneezing, keep a minimum distance of 2 meters. Because the nature of the Corona virus spreads like the flu through saliva. That should be avoided.

2. Wash your hands

Currently, the World Health Organization has recognized the Corona virus as a global epidemic. And this organization only recommends that people wash their hands clean and often to prevent the spread of this virus.

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And the right hand washing method by physical scrub also helps eliminate germs. Handwashing with soap must last at least 20 seconds. If soap is not available, disinfect it with alcohol with a high alcohol content.

3. Cour travel masks – Reduce the risk of infection with the Corona virus

Like the SARS epidemic in 2003, the image at airports or public transport is a stream of people wearing masks. However, if you’ve ever been to Japan – the land of cherry blossoms, then it is not uncommon for people on the streets to wear masks. By pollen allergy in the majority of its citizens. So there’s nothing to be afraid of wearing a mask down the street – especially when traveling.


Dr. Amler recommends using an N95 respirator to prevent 95% of internal agents. However, the Ministry of Health said that just wearing a medical mask (type 3 layers or more) would have the effect of preventing Corona virus. Especially in the context of the supply of N95 masks is currently scarce.