Travelling to the city of Puebla, Mexico

Here are suggestions for activities and experiences while visiting Puebla.

Puebla City (Puebla de los Ángele) is one of Mexico’s most famous tourist destinations. The city is famous for its culinary specialties, breathtaking architecture and convenient location just a few hours south of Mexico City. UNESCO also recognized the cultural value of this city.

If you want to adventure or go to a less frequented place, Puebla is the option to explore volcanoes. Puebla is near the famous twin volcanoes in Mexico, Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl. Although the volcano has banned visitors because of an eruption in 1994, the volcano is still a great place to climb and admire.

Calle de los Dulces

Besides Mole Poblano and Seasonal Chile En Nogada, Puebla is also known as the place to produce many famous sweets. The most famous place for you to try all of the city’s sweet dishes is Calle de los Dulces (Sweet candy road). The road is also known as La Calle de Santa Clara, try the most famous candies in the region such as: camote, muégano and las tortitas de Santa Clara.

Different view of the city

If you’re tired of strolling through the streets filled with craft stores, why not try a different view of the city on teleférico, also known as the cable car. The 680 meter journey floating in the air will give you a beautiful view of the city. If you don’t like being hung on a cable, you can join the Estrella de Puebla, an 80 meter high ferris wheel that can help you see the spectacular views of Izta or Popo.

Strange architecture

Although Puebla is known primarily as one of Mexico’s most beautiful architectural attractions, the city also has oddly decorated buildings that you should visit. The first is the fancy tiled Talavera tiled Casa de los Muñecos. For those who love the Baroque architecture, Capilla del Rosario and Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús are places not to be missed. However, if you want to admire a modern building, you should come to La Purificadora hotel.

Museo Amparo

Art lovers, especially Mexican ones, cannot miss the opportunity to visit Museo Amparo in Puebla. Inside the building, there is one of the best collections of Mexican art in Latin America, and note that entry is free. Opened in 1991, the current museum houses everything from colonial to modern art. Also, don’t forget to drop by the rooftop for a stunning view of the city.