International students experience and engage with Australian sports

More than 150 students from different cultures and nationalities including international students gathered together at Arden St Oval on April 13 to enjoy the excitement of Australian national sport – Australian Football League (AFL).

This is a sport founded in 1858, which has swept the nation ever since. So it’s no surprise that the love for this sport has spread to international communities in Melbourne. Before the event officially started, participants had the opportunity to have direct contact with the official AFL game balls.

In a statement made by NMFC general manager Cameron McLeod, about community involvement, he said that these sessions were formed in an effort to spread awareness about the sport in the community. Multicultural residence in Melbourne. To do so, not only does the club distribute free AFL game tickets to attract interest, but also takes one step by inviting these potential fans to have a direct experience of playing this sport.

The crowd was split into a group of four. Two of them stayed on the oval, where the instructors came and taught them the basics of AFL such as learning how to pass the ball, kick it and bounce it while running.


One of the other groups later considered an introductory video of AFL history, it aims to educate new players about the rules of the game while nurturing their pride in the sport. for participants.

The last group was taken to Hu Huddle, a community centre of NMFC. There, the participants were introduced to the work that NMFC did for their surrounding communities. They are also invited to participate in future events as potential volunteers or employees, in other community jobs or even AFL-related work scopes. NMFC ensures creating a welcoming environment for any and everyone involved and involved.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sinh viên quốc tế trải nghiệm và gắn kết với môn thể thao đậm chất Úc

The event participants had great experiences, a bright smile appeared on their faces. Everyone is ready to watch an official AFL match at Marvel Stadium that evening.

At the end of the event, the group took photos together. There are Chinese, black, white and aboriginal people; All of them are excited when they scream the name of the club. For them, AFL is no longer an Australian national sport but instead is a collective sport. A total of 250 students watched their first match together.