Cricket World Cup 2019 makes fans hunt tickets to England

According to the lastest new updated reports from Travelport, India, South Africa and Bangladesh are recording increases from fans booking flights to England to directly watch Cricket World Cup 2019, kicking off from May 30 at England.

From May 21, 2019, the total number of tickets to the UK was made through all global distribution systems (GDS) during Cricket World Cup 2019 increased 47,939 tickets (+ 3% ) compared to the same period in 2018.

Among the countries that will participate in Cricket World Cup 2019, the biggest growth in booking flights to Britain comes from India (+17,505), South Africa (+2,654), Bangladesh (+1,565) and Pakistan (+1,449) also witnessed the attraction from this sporting event to international fans.

World Cup Cricket 2019 khiến cổ động viên săn vé máy bay tới Anh

GDS is a reservation system that allows travel agents, management companies and reputable travel groups to find reservations from airlines, hotel rooms, rental vehicles and other travel business products. Globally in 2018, Travelport handled 1 trillion transactions through GDS.

Stephen Shurrock, Travelport’s commercial director, said that: “Currently, we are happy to see the Cricket World Cup 2019 attracting a lot of British tourists, with a total of more than 45,000 tickets booked throughout the year. With the previous two Cricket World Cup victories and fervent love from fans, it is not surprising to see a significant increase in flight bookings from India”.

World Cup Cricket 2019 khiến cổ động viên săn vé máy bay tới Anh

Cricket is a sport using a stick to knock the ball (often be called Stick Ball), popular in many countries in the British Commonwealth. Stick ball is a sport of competition between two teams, each team has 11 athletes, on the pitch circle. The format of the competition is 2 alternating teams, a soccer team and a team. After all players of the team are disqualified, the team will change to pitch, and the other team will enter the field to become a team.

Expected, from May 30 to July 14, 2019, the Cricket World Cup 2019 will be held by England and Wales, with 48 matches competing from 10 countries and territories.