Check out the beautiful ski resorts in Seoul South Korea

Korea is an interesting tourist destination for the winter. In addition to beautiful landscapes, spicy and hot food, this is also a place with many beautiful skiing spots, especially in Seoul.

The ski resorts in Seoul not only attract tourists because of the beauty and variety of ski games but to get to these areas quite easily, visitors only take a little bus time from Seoul.

Bear Town Resort

Bear Town Resort is certified by the International Ski Association. This is a large resort located on the outskirts of Seoul. You can reach the resort in just an hour by bus.

The resort is suitable for most skiers from amateur to professional. The resort has a snow extruder for professional athletes, 2 extras for experienced skiers and 3 extras for beginners.

All extractions allow skiers to try here. The Bear Town Resort is also a suitable place for families to entertain with families with sloping hills.

Snow Phoenix Park

Located in Pyeongchang district, the park was once chosen as the venue for the 2018 Olympic Games. Phoenix Snow Park has a total of 17 snow extractions and many of them are recognized by the International Ski Association (FIS) is having the best snow quality.

Mùa Noel, điểm danh những khu trượt tuyết đẹp tại Seoul Hàn Quốc - ảnh 1

The park is also a quite friendly resort when limiting the impact on nature from the business activities of the business. It takes only about 2 hours by bus from Seoul to Phoenix Snow Park.

Jisan Forest Resort

Although known for its summer rock festival, the Jisan resort is the place to go for winter sports activities.

Fully equipped with support equipment for skiing, in addition, the resort has 8 extruded snow for beginners.

The snow extruders pass through the beautiful and beautiful winter pine forests. To reach the resort, you only need to take a 40-minute bus from Gangnam district.

Vivaldi Ski World Park

Vivaldi Ski World Park has become a popular place for Seoulites and snowboarders recently.

In addition to thirteen snow extruders, the park also has exciting indoor activities like golf, bowling, billard and karaoke to keep families entertained apart from skiing. It takes you just over 1:30 to reach Vivaldi Park from Seoul.

Điểm danh những khu trượt tuyết đẹp tại Seoul

In addition to the ski resorts, visitors can experience winter cuisine as well as popular tourist destinations in Seoul such as Nami Island, Lotte World Park, Bukchon Hanok Ancient Village…